Fly the Conquest Wing on any brand of light sport aircraft with the new Pivot/Hang Block

Conquest 12.4M · Light Sport Aircraft Wing

Conquest 12.4M - double-surface Light Sport Aircraft Wing   starting at  $11000.00
Powder-coat the Control Bar and Struts with custom color for an additional    $340.00

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The new Conquest wing is the result of twenty months of design and testing, to create the best Light Sport Aircraft Wing.
The Conquest wing features all of our latest wing refinements, based on 17 years experience designing trike wings and hang gliders.  New sail design, new airfoil design, new frame geometry, internal shear ribs, Vortex Generators, and more!

As a descendent of the very popular Quest GT5 wing, the Conquest's ability to fly cross-country and handle turbulence well has been improved.  All this is possible because of twenty months of design research, resulting in an unmatched speed and handling combination!

The beautiful strutted Conquest is designed for two place light sport aircraft, with a gross load rating of 1060 lbs.
The Conquest is available in 12.4M size, and is designed for our Scout XC Apache, Scout XC Navajo light sport aircraft.  You can also attach the Conquest wing to your light sport aircraft using our Universal Mount.  When you want to get somewhere fast, this is your wing!
The Conquest wing features Vortex Generators as standard equipment.  The vortex generators create vortices that energize the boundary layer, providing improved wing control authority at low speeds and high angles of attack.

It is very important to us to offer you the best wing we can make.  We could use tubing that costs less, but we choose to have our own tubing produced for specific main spars.  We also could buy cheaper sail cloth; again, we choose to purchase the best.
We use all aircraft hardware and materials tested to required aircraft strength.

The Conquest is a highly refined, strutted wing capable of a 55 mph range of speed from stall to top speed.  One of the most impressive achievements in the Conquest is the light handling both in pitch and roll.

• Extremely rugged Airframe and Hardware
• Aerofoil Control Uprights and Struts
• Velcro straps for routing Parachute line
• Highest Quality Sail Cloth
• Aircraft Quality Parts and Tubing
• All Parts Made In the U.S.A
• The Strongest Trike Wings Made In the U.S.A
• Quality and Service you can fly on!
Conquest Wing Specifications
Conquest 12.4M  
Wing Weight 119 lbs.  
Gross Weight 1060 lbs.  
Wing Area 133 square feet  
Wing Span 29 feet  
Aspect Ratio 6.3  
Double Surface 80%  
Frame 6061 / 7075  
Sail - main body 240g Stabilized Dacron  
# of Ribs - top 24  
# of Ribs - lower 12  
Rib Material 7075-T6  
Length in Bag 17.5'  

North Wing · Scout XC Apache light sport aircraft
Scout XC (Rotax 912UL engine) · Performance & Specifications
(Specifications in Feet, Inches, Pounds unless stated)  Speed references on flex wings are +/- 10%
  SCOUT XC (912) SCOUT XC (912)  
PERFORMANCE  (at Sea Level) Mustang 3 15M Wing Conquest 12.4 Wing  
Pilot Skill Level Novice Intermediate +  
Take-Off Distance / clear 50 feet 600 850  
Landing Distance / clear 50 feet 750 850  
Climb Rate @ Gross 850 775  
Stall Speed @ Gross 34 45  
Stall Speed @ 750 lbs. 30 43  
Cruise @ Gross 52 75  
VNE Speed @ Gross 70 100  
Descent Rate @ Gross / Idle 600 fpm @ 44 575 fpm @ 60  
Fuel Capacity 16.25 16.25  
Fuel Burn @ Cruise (Gross) 2.5 3.2  
Range @ Cruise (Gross) Miles 322 390  
Cruise with Electric Trim 40 - 60 65 - 95  
Glide Ratio approx. 7.5: 1 approx. 9:1  
DESIGN LOADS Mustang 3 15M Wing Conquest 12.4 Wing  
Gross Weight or MTOW 1060 1060  
Empty Weight 545 545  
Maximum Empty Weight (wet) 645 645  
Total Crew Weight @ full fuel 415 415  
Minimum Take-Off Weight 700 750  
DIMENSIONS Mustang 3 15M Wing Conquest 12.4 Wing  
Aspect Ratio 6.2 6.3  
Wing Span (feet) 31.5 29  
Wing Area (meters) 15 12.4  
Wing Weight 113 119  
Height - wing level (feet) 8.5 8.5  
Trike Width - outside Wheel Fairing 5 78  
Trike Length - Nose to Propeller 114 114  
Wheel Base Center to Center 73 73  
Wheel Track 68 68  
Length in Bag 17.5'  
Vortex Generators are Standard Equipment on the Conquest Wing
The Conquest Wing features a new performance enhancement as Standard Equipment.  The Vortex Generators improve wing handling and performance by controlling airflow over the upper surface of the wing.  The vortex generators create vortices that energize the boundary layer, providing improved wing control authority at low speeds and high angles of attack.  The Vortex Generators improve safety and performance.
Benefits provided by the Vortex Generators include:
  smoother roll rate
  lighter roll pressures
  better climb rate
  8% to 10% slower stall speed
  less movement in the wing in turbulent air
  improves the wing's stability in turns and turbulence
Vortex Generators Kit for the Conquest and Quest GT4 Trike Wings

Fly the Conquest Wing on any brand of trike!

The new Pivot/Hang Block adapts the Conquest Wing to attach to your Airborne, AirCréation, or any other brand of trike.

new Pivot/Hang Block adapts the Conquest Wing to fly on any brand of trike
new Pivot/Hang Block adapts the Conquest Wing to fly on any brand of trike

North Wing · Conquest · Light Sport Aircraft Wing

The new Active Hang Block provides even more positive stability in rough air, requiring less
control-input from the pilot, and also gives lighter handling pressures while initiating turns.

Upgrade price for new wings:  $377.00   Order Code: H2520AB
Retrofit Kit price for Quest & Conquest wings:  $539.25   Order Code: H2520RTK

Active Hang Block
Active Hang Block

Instructor Bars for North Wing Light Sport Aircraft
Instructor Bars (Quick-Attach) for Wing$365.00
Click here to buy this item at
•  Easy to quickly attach or remove Instructor Bars from wing!
•  NEW streamlined design requires NO DISASSEMBLY and NO TOOLS.
•  For light sport aircraft professional training.

Click Here to view a brief Video showing the new Quick-Attach features.
Click Here to view more photos.
for aerofoil uprights:  Order Code: C411C4AF

MaxGrips - vertical basetube grips for Trike Wings
MaxGrips - vertical basetube grips for Trike WingsClick here to buy this item at$49.00
These vertical base tube grips give you a more natural hand position while flying your trike to reduce hand strain.  Also, the grips give you ultimate control when the condition get a little active, especially while landing.  They are quick to install on your base tube to your desired position.
Click here or Click Photo to view enlargement    Order Code: HT7003

North Wing · Winglets Winglets

Click here to buy this item at
(sold as a pair, 2 winglets for this price

New lightweight Winglets for the North Wing Conquest and Quest trike wings!  These carbon winglets will clean up the air flow at wing tips for more efficient lift, by reducing induced drag and offering incremental fuel savings.  Light weight, only 14 oz each.
Select Black or White carbon cloth, or a custom color for an additional $60.  If you select Custom Color, we will contact you to discuss available options.   $465.00   Order Code: WLT

North Wing · Powder-Coat custom color for Trike Wing Control Bar and Struts Powder-Coat custom color for Control Bar & Struts

Customize your new wing with a custom color applied with our Powder Coat paint process.
Your wing will look great and also benefit from the powder-coat's corrosion barrier seal.

Order Code: UPG42

North Wing · Wing Cover Trike Wing Cover

Click here to buy this item at
Protect your trike wing from snow, rain, dust and especially UV when it is set-up with the North Wing Wing Cover.

Order Code: HAC14
(please specify wing name)

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