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Creating Fun at North Wing 2023 NEW! Ascender take-off & landing
Find us on Facebook Leaf Spring Suspension for the Maverick Trike  Retrofit your Maverick for softer landings, less drag, and sleek aircraft styling - $1285. Standard Equipment on all new Maverick 2 trikes.

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Maverick 2 Legend Trike with Maverick KS Wing
ATF Soaring Trike with Polini engine        ATF Soaring Trike with Simonini engine
Freedom 2 190 Hang Glider        Freedom 2 170 Hang Glider        Freedom 2 150 Hang Glider
Pulse 10M Hang Glider        Pulse 9M Hang Glider

Wills Wing parts Downtubes and Rigging
Hang Glider Pilots - if you need replacement Wills Wing - style downtubes, please check with us, we likely have some replacements for you.  We can provide Lightstream and round down tubes and base tubes.
Also, if you need new cables for your Wills Wing glider, we can make them for you.

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Can a Minimal Aircraft Deliver Maximum Enjoyment ...Affordably? Yes, North Wing Does It!
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All-American and Affordable - North Wing Has an Expert History in Washington State

Discovery 207 - New Wing for the ATF Soaring Trike!

North Wing has completed flight tests and wing refinement for the new, more-affordable wing option for the ATF Soaring Trike, the Discovery 207 Ultralight Trike Wing.  Click here to view specifications and photos of this exciting new light trike wing.

NEW Electric engine option for the NorthWing ATF Light Soaring Trike

Click here to view the new Electric ATF intro video     Click here to order the new Electric ATF Light Soaring Trike
The North Wing ATF Soaring Trike has been a proven performer for years, featuring a lightweight and rugged airframe combined with quality parts and the very efficient Solairus Wing.  In addition to the currently available 2-stroke engines, now there is a nearly-silent electric propulsion system that includes a powerful 21kW, 28HP electric engine.  Zero emissions!
Climb to cloudbase with this electric ultralight trike, and enjoy an even better glide ratio with the optional Folding Propeller.
Current ATF owners can convert their ATF Trike to use the new electric engine and components with our ATF Retrofit Kit.
ATF Ultralight Trike - Electric Propulsion Components
Motor Electronic Speed Controller Battery Packs
Motor Weight: 4177g / 9.2 lbs
Maximum Power: 20,966W - 28HP
Maximum Thrust: 170 lbs
0.75 kg / 1.65 lbs
Up to 300 Amps
continuous* current with airflow
24S 11 P - Molicel 21700 P42A cells - 4Ah cells
88.8V - 44 Ah (4 kWh)
Weight: 50 lbs
(2.0 lbs of that is casing, connectors, etc.)



...until wing-owner checks their basetube-strut fitting, per the notes in Service Advisory 109
This is an extremely important Service Advisory, and only takes a few minutes to review!

Click here to print Service Advisory 109

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CrosSport Helmets
Aerolux Propellers
Lithium Battery
Trike & Wing Covers
MicroAvionics Helmet
Instructor Bars
Vortex Generators Kit
Anodized Airframe Tubing
Front Fork Assembly
All-Weather Glider Bags
XC Hang Glider Bags
----- NOTICE -----
It is possible for ANY assembly connection to come apart on ANY brand of wing or trike if not assembled correctly.
NO ONE should attempt to fly or assemble an ultralight without getting professional instruction. Contact North Wing if further instructions are needed for proper assembly our product. ALWAYS do a preflight inspection of what you assembled and all other parts. Failure to do so could result in injury and or death. Aviation does not go well with complacency.

Quality Trikes, Wings, Hang Gliders

At North Wing, our main design criteria is to offer you a choice of trikes and wings that deliver easy handling, making them fun to fly.  On our quest for optimal safety, we feel our #1 goal when designing wings is precise control and handling... even at low speeds.  When conditions out there get a little rough, we hope you will agree handling is going to be your biggest concern.  Our wing designs must pass specific parameters, such as coupled feel in handling between pitch and roll, and a nice gentle stall.  These handling pressures must fall within our tough guidelines.  We feel these unique qualifications will instill confidence even when flying in turbulent conditions.  Countless hours of research in sail, frame, and airfoil design have given our wings one of the largest speed ranges in the industry.  Quality light sport aircraft, microlight trikes, powered paraglider trikes, wings for trikes, and hang gliders.   We make Flying Fun! 

Welcome to North Wing

North Wing designs and manufactures quality weight shift control Light Sport Aircraft, FAR 103 Legal ultralight trikes, wings for trikes, hang gliders, and a wide range of accessories for ultralight trikes and hang gliders.

Pilots with a Sport Pilot certificate interested in light sport aircraft will be delighted with our Scout XC two-place trike.
The Scout XC is available with a fairing and wheel pants as the Scout XC Apache, and the Scout XC Navajo features storage bags and a streamlined instrument pod.
Click Here to view a fun Scout XC Apache video.

North Wing manufactures the strongest microlight trikes and wings in the U.S.A. from the highest quality aircraft grade hardware and sailcloth.  View our range of products in the Trikes & Wings and Hang Gliders quick reference pages.

North Wing manufactures quality Light Sport Aircraft, Ultralight Trikes, Wings for Trikes, and Hang Gliders in the USA from the finest materials available.
Built in the USA with the finest aircraft-quality materials available, North Wing Light Sport Aircraft are known for their optimal combination of strong airframes, powerful and reliable engines, and outstanding wing performance.  We have the right microlight trike and wing combination for you - on wheels, skis, or floats. The ATF light trike is lightweight, very strong, and very portable.  The ATF is a perfect match for the Solairus Wing, specially designed for light soaring trikes.

View our Ultralight Trikes Quick Reference and the Wings for Trikes Quick Reference pages.
North Wing hang gliders are designed to be easy-to-fly, built with quality hardware that reduces set-up time, and have have a range of options and upgrades to customize your new glider.  The Horizon and Liberty hang gliders are best for experienced skills, the Freedom for all skill levels, and the Pulse - an exceptional glider for Hang 2 pilots.
Triple-Clamp Front Fork   Standard Equipment on all North Wing light sport aircraft
New Front Suspension is very rugged, with improved Steering, Tracking, and includes top-of-the-line SCOTTS Steering Stabilizer.
Click here to view an enlargement - NEW Triple-Clamp Front Fork for North Wing light sport aircraftClick here to view an enlargement - NEW Triple-Clamp Front Fork for North Wing light sport aircraftClick here to view an enlargement - NEW Triple-Clamp Front Fork for North Wing light sport aircraft

North Wing recently had the fun opportunity to work with the Operation Migration crew to upgrade their fleet of trikes. Click here to read more about Operation Migration and how North Wing built custom trikes for their flights.
Built in the USA, our Light Sport Aircraft are known for rugged aircraft-quality hardware throughout the trike and wing.  Our use of AIRCRAFT GRADE Matco Brakes and Grove Aircraft Landing Gear ensure you have the best components for stable and strong take-offs and landings.  Compare this to others, before you buy.
Aviation Journalist Dan Johnson interviews North Wing at the Sun n' Fun Fly-In.
Scout XC Apache video     Maverick 2 Legend video

  Liberty Hang Glider Soaring Video - Perfect take-off, climb-out, and landing at Ellenville, New York.
  Freedom Hang Glider Soaring Video - Scenic mountain soaring in the Freedom, from multiple camera angles.
  Powered Freedom Hang Glider Video - Beach-launch, then fun flight over Jiaozhou Bay in Qingdao, China.
  Scout XC Apache videos from the 2012 Sun n' Fun Fly-In & Expo    video 1    video 2
  Light Sport Aircraft video  Click here to view a customer receive, build, and test fly a new light sport aircraft.

PARTS for Pacific Airwave and Delta Wing Kites & Gliders hang gliders
North Wing can often provide parts for Pacific Airwave and Delta Wing hang gliders.  If you need any part for hang gliders made by these former manufacturers, please send us an email message or phone us at 509.682.4359 and we can discuss parts availability, price, and delivery time.
Pacific Airwave hang glider parts
Pacific Airwave Vision parts
Pacific Airwave Pulse parts
Delta Wing hang glider parts
Pacific Airwave Mark IV parts
Pacific Airwave Formula parts
Delta Wing Dream parts
Delta Wing Formula parts
Delta Wing Mystic parts

  Retrofit Kits improve your trike at low cost! Airfoil Mast Retrofit Kit  
Mouse over the links to view photos and information
  Airfoil Mast Retrofit Kit
  Leaf Spring Suspension Retrofit
  Pivot/Hang Block for Mustang 3 & Quest Wings
  Steering Dampener Retrofit Kit
  Control Bar Hardware Retrofit Kit
  Brake Reservoir Retrofit Kit
  Vortex Generators Kit for Quest GT4 & GT5 Wings
The new Airfoil Mast reduces drag, and improves tracking at higher speeds by reducing yaw and twist of the mast by the stronger, more aerodynamic mast profile.
The new Leaf-Spring Suspension reduces drag with its slim profile, and its strength eliminates the need for the additional drag struts and load springs.  Factory Retrofit.
The new Pivot/Hang Block adapts the Mustang 3 Wing or Quest Wing to attach to your Airborne, AirCr-ation, or any other brand of trike.  Smooth U-shaped wing mount with no sharp bolt edges offers better directional control.
North Wing has a new steering dampener with adjustable resistance, and can be installed on your older 2-place trike.
The dampener will greatly reduce the front-end shimmy when landing fast or in crosswinds.
If you are using the wing fold-back ability of your North Wing MPulse or Quest wing that has the older control bar fittings, we suggest you upgrade to our newest control bar hardware. If you are not using the folding ability of your wing, changing the hardware is not necessary but optional.
The new Brake Reservoir Kit makes bleeding the brake easy, maintains fluid pressure, and requires less movement of the brake lever.  For older Apache and Navajo 2-place trikes
The new Vortex Generators Kit improves wing handling and performance by controlling airflow over the upper surface of the wing.  The vortex generators create vortices that energize the boundary layer, providing improved wing control.
The The Tall Windshield for Apache Fairings is a great addition during XC flights or anytime you want the extra comfort behind this aerodynamic, tall windshield.
The new Maverick Retrofit Kit brings the performance and convenience features of the Maverick 2 to older Maverick Trikes. New extra storage space behind the seat, and the spring-assist mast with fold-back feature is very easy to lift!
  Tall Windshield for Apache fairings
  Maverick Trike Retrofit Kit
Improve your trike with the features found on new models.

Built in the USA with the finest quality materials - Designed for safety, performance, and fun!

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