Pacer 13 GT · Ultralight Trike Wing

Pacer GT 13.5M - double-surface Ultralight Trike Wing   starting at  $9200.00
Upgrade the Round Uprights to Aerofoil Uprights for an additional  $120.00
Powder-coat the Control Bar and Struts with custom color for an additional  $340.00

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The Pacer 13 GT wing is a strutted wing with 4 internal sprogs for pitch stability.  We are pleased the Pacer 13 GT has turned out to be a very docile wing for its double surface breed.  This wing will make it very easy for you to transition from your Maverick wing to the Pacer 13 GT.  A very accomplished student could go right into the Pacer 13 GT if he/she had training on a double surface wing.  The Pacer 13 GT flys trim at 50 to 60 mph and has a top-end cruise speed of 65 mph making it great for X-C flying.

The number one advantage of the Pacer 13 GT wing is that it cuts through rough air like a knife, reducing pilot fatigue.  We have also found that the Pacer 13 GT takes off with only 20 to 30 feet of extra roll.  Control pressures in the roll axis will feel slightly more solid than the Maverick wing but overall very nice indeed.  The pull in pressures that it takes to go fast have been greatly reduced.  The stall is very light and mild, as in the Maverick wing. The Pacer 13 GT wing is designed for single place "FAR Part 103" trikes only, and cannot be used for 2-place light sport aircraft.

Pacer 13M Wing Speed RangeSpeed references on flex wings are +/- 10%

Why buy a quality North Wing?

• Extremely rugged Airframe and Hardware
• Highest Quality Sail Cloth
• Aircraft Quality Parts and Tubing
• All Parts Made In the U.S.A
• The Strongest Trike Wings Made In the U.S.A
• Quality and Service you can fly on!
Pacer 13 GT Specifications
Wing Weight 86 lbs.
Gross Weight 650 lbs.
Wing Area 140 square feet
Span 31 feet
Aspect Ratio 7.25 : 1
Double Surface 80%
Frame 6061 / 7075
Sail - main body 6 oz. Stabilized Dacron
# of Ribs - top 18
# of Ribs - lower 10
Rib Material 7075-T6

MaxGrips - vertical basetube grips for Trike Wings
MaxGrips - vertical basetube grips for Trike WingsClick here to buy this item at$49.00    
These vertical base tube grips give you a more natural hand position while flying your trike to reduce hand strain.  Also, the grips give you ultimate control when the condition get a little active, especially while landing.  They are quick to install on your base tube to your desired position.
Click here or Click Photo to view enlargement    Order Code: HT7003

North Wing · Pacer 13 GT · Ultralight Trike Wing
North Wing · Aerofoil Control Bar Uprights Upgrade your Round Uprights to drag-reducing Aerofoil Uprights

Aerofoil Control Bar Uprights

Reduce drag and improve fuel economy with our Aerofoil Control Bar Uprights.  The streamlined shape looks great and improves your wing's performance.

Order Code: UPG46TK

North Wing · Powder-Coat custom color for Trike Wing Control Bar and Struts Powder-Coat custom color for Control Bar & Struts

Customize your new wing with a custom color applied with our Powder Coat paint process.
Your wing will look great and also benefit from the powder-coat's corrosion barrier seal.

Order Code: UPG42

North Wing · Wing Cover Trike Wing Cover

Click here to buy this item at

Protect your trike wing from snow, rain, dust and especially UV when it is set-up with the North Wing Wing Cover.

Order Code: HAC14
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