Solairus 16.8M · Light Soaring Trike Wing

Solairus 16.8M Ultralight Trike Wing    starting at  $8000.00

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The new strutted Solairus Light Trike Wing!   Convenient wing Fold-Back ability added to new Solairus Wing design!
With the reputation of the Stratus and Stratus XP, why would we change a good thing?  The Answer: To build an even better Light Trike soaring wing.  The new Solairus has a 10% better sink rate and 5% better glide!  In addition to improved performance, we have maintained the same great handling reputation that the Stratus XP is famous for.  The wing can be rolled and folded-back for storage and travel convenience.

We have added features that are known to
reduce drag and increase performance:

• New sail cut and rib camber design
• Strutted Wing, no kingpost reduces drag
• Aerofoil Uprights
• Internal Sprogs and Shear Ribs
• Speed Vents promote consistent airfoil shape
• Flip-Tip rib ends (no strings or grommets on trailing edge)

Just one of these changes that add 1 or 2% efficiency may not show an apparent increase in performance.  However, the series of improvements together can add up to 10% better performance!
We released the successful "high performance Light Trike Wing", the Stratus 17M, almost 4 years ago.  The wing has earned a great reputation for handling and performance, and we now offer two sizes with these design enhancements, to build you an even better soaring wing.

The North Wing Solairus light trike wing is designed for optimal performance on our ATF Soaring Trike, and is built with the high quality that our customers have come to expect.  The Solairus has a new wing design that will give you an exceptional soaring experience.  The Solairus is designed for improved sink rate and glide, and allows you to shut down your engine with confidence.  The state-of-the-art airfoil and reduced drag from no kingpost ensures you will have great glide as well.  The Solairus can get you where you want to go!

The Solairus uses stability technology from the topless hang gliders to improve performance.  By using struts instead of a kingpost and two outboard sprogs (washout struts), we have achieved excellent pitch stability while reducing drag.  The efficient airfoil used by the North Wing Solairus provides superb acceleration through turbulence, while displaying very docile flight characteristics in yaw and pitch.  The Solairus shows excellent stall parameters straight ahead and in turns.  Hang Gliders are adequate on the light trikes but let's face it, in light lift... most of the time you will keep your engine on.  Not with the North Wing Solairus!  You will be amazed at how light of thermal lift you can really play with!

Click here to view a video of folding the Solairus Wing for the trailer
Wing Fold-Back feature of the Solairus Wing allows the wing to be folded back with cover bag on for loading in your trailer or storage.  Standard Equipment on the Solairus Light Trike Wing

Click here to view a video showing step-by-step instructions for folding the Solairus ultralight trike wing.

Click here for enlargement - Wing Tip Speed Vents promote consistent airfoil shape at higher speeds
Speed Vents promote consistent airfoil shape at higher speeds
Standard Equipment on the Solairus Light Trike Wing

The rectangular, mesh-fabric speed vents near the tips of the sail helps prevent the under-surface of the sail from inflating out at the tip.  Minimizing the under-surface from breathing, and promoting a consistent profile ensures an improvement of un-interrupted airflow around the wing, resulting in better performance when you fly at higher speeds.

The Solairus light trike wing is the perfect match for your new ATF Soaring Trike!
The Solairus Wing has convenient Fold-Back ability, allowing wings to be rolled and folded-back for storage and travel.

Solairus · Light Trike Wing
Click here to view the Solairus Wing Photo Gallery

For Light Trike weight of 90 to 170 lbs.
Speed references on flex wings are +/- 10%

Sail Area   16.8M   181 sq. ft.
Span       34.3 feet
Nose Angle       126 degrees
Aspect Ratio       6.3
Stall at 490 Gross       22 mph
Trim Speed       28-34 mph
Top Speed       45 mph
VNE       53 mph
Sink Rate @330   +/- Gross   235 FPM
Wing Weight       84 lbs.
Wing Length folded       18.3 feet
Glide Ratio (L/D)        
with ATF trike       10.5 : 1 +/-
Min Gross 350 lbs to 550 lbs Gross
(trike, wing, pilot, etc.)

MaxGrips - vertical basetube grips for Trike Wings
MaxGrips - vertical basetube grips for Trike WingsClick here to buy this item at$49.00    
These vertical base tube grips give you a more natural hand position while flying your trike to reduce hand strain.  Also, the grips give you ultimate control when the condition get a little active, especially while landing.  They are quick to install on your base tube to your desired position.
Click here or Click Photo to view enlargement    Order Code: HT7003

North Wing · Solairus · Ultralight Trike Wing
North Wing · Aerofoil Control Bar Uprights Aerofoil Control Bar Uprights

Reduce drag and improve fuel economy with our Aerofoil Control Bar Uprights.  The streamlined shape looks great and improves your wing's performance.

Order Code: UPG46TK

North Wing · Powder-Coat custom color for Trike Wing Control Bar and Struts Powder-Coat custom color for Control Bar & Struts

Customize your new wing with a custom color applied with our Powder Coat paint process.
Your wing will look great and also benefit from the powder-coat's corrosion barrier seal.

Order Code: UPG42

North Wing · Wing Cover Trike Wing Cover

Click here to buy this item at
Protect your trike wing from snow, rain, dust and especially UV when it is set-up with the North Wing Wing Cover.

Order Code: HAC14
(please specify wing name)

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