Maverick 2 RT · Ultralight Trike · FAR Part 103 Legal

Trike with Maverick 3 Wing and 40HP Kawasaki 440 2-stroke engine    starting at  $18900.00

Maverick 2 RT ultralight trike Video · Watch the Maverick 2 RT and Maverick 3 wing take-off and fly-by.

The Maverick 2 RT Ultralight Trike is the result of years of ultralight trike design refinement.  The design of both the trike and the wing has been enhanced to include features that benefit flight performance, improve set-up convenience, add storage space, and more.  The Maverick 2 is a "state of the art", highly refined low profile single-place trike.  This trike comes in two choices for you: the Maverick 2 RT (no fairing) and Maverick 2 Legend (streamlined fairing).  We are proud of our extremely comfortable seating, a must for long flights.  High ground clearance is another terrific feature for off-field landings.

The Maverick 2 trike frame has been extended to maximize storage space behind the pilot, enable additional fuel storage, camping equipment, and anything that fits in the space and maintains acceptable weight limits.  We also changed the folding design of the trike mast, so only the mast pivots just above the seat rail and now includes a spring-assisted mast, as our two-place light sport aircraft have.  The spring-assisted mast on the Maverick 2 reduces the effort required to lift the wing into position, reducing the effort from lifting 83 lbs of wing to only 15 lbs!  View more Maverick 2 RT photos in the Photo Gallery.

The Maverick 3 Wing also has been improved, featuring new strutted airframe components.  We have increased the load rating of the wing, from 550 gross to 650 gross by a new airframe.  The increased load rating is especially helpful for pilots who like to fly on floats.  The Maverick 3 wing has another feature for convenient travel or storage, the ability for the wing to fold back while attached to the trike.  Refer to the photos for examples of the new improvements on the Maverick 2, the perfect single-place ultralight from North Wing.

We use only aircraft grade aluminum tubing throughout the trike frame.  Aircraft hardware and fasteners are also used on the Maverick 2.  The rear suspension uses a strong fiberglass pultruded axle with drag struts.  If you like to have a hand at building part of your trike, you may purchase the Maverick 2 trike and wing without the engine, propeller or gauges.

North Wing Maverick RT - Leaf-Spring Suspension Retrofit Kit
  Maverick 2 RT  ·  Standard Features Maverick 2 RT  
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»  40HP Kawasaki 440 2-stroke Engine
»  Strutted, single-surface Maverick 3 Trike Wing
»  Rugged suspension with high ground clearance.
»  Single Ignition / single Carburetor · overhead Pull Start
»  2-blade 62" IVO Propellor
»  RPM / Hobbs Meter · Dual CHT / EGT Gauges
»  Comfortable, secure seating with Seat Belt Harness
»  Side Saddle Bags and behind-seat Bag
»  Spring-assist Mast raises with ease
»  Hand & Foot Throttle · Steering Dampener
»  6" Nylon Mag Wheels · Front Drum Brake
»  5-gallon Fuel Tank and Fuel Primer

Maverick 2 RT · Ultralight Trike
Maverick 2 RT  ·  Specifications
Speed references on flex wings are +/- 10%
Weight   254 lbs.
Gross Weight   600 lbs.
Span   31.5 feet
Wing Area   157 square feet
Climb Rate   700 fpm (at Sea Level)
Stall Speed @ Gross   25
Rear Wheel Base (width)   58" (center of tire)
Wheel Base (length)   69" (center of tire)
Total Length   108"
Total Height   8 feet
Height - Trike folded   5 feet (with prop)
Height - Trike folded   4 feet (without prop)
Wing folded up   12" x 20 feet

View more photos in the Maverick 2 RT Photo Gallery       Click here to find a North Wing Dealer

North Wing · Maverick 2 RT ultralight trike
Pacer 13 GT Trike Wing for the North Wing Maverick Outlander ultralight trike
Double-surface high performance wing with new trike orders
Pacer 13 GT Trike Wing$1,300.00Order Code: UPG2A

The Pacer 13 GT flys trim at 50 to 60 mph and has a top-end cruise speed of 65 mph, making it great for X-C flying.  The number one advantage of the Pacer wing is that it cuts through rough air like a knife, reducing pilot fatigue.  We have also found that the Pacer takes off with only 20 to 30 feet of extra roll.  Click here to view more information about the Pacer 13 GT.

North Wing Maverick 2 - Leaf Spring Suspension
Softer landings, less drag, less fuel consumption, aircraft styling!
Leaf Spring Suspension - Retrofit Kit$1285.00Order Code: RTKM440

You can upgrade your older Maverick 1 or Maverick 2 trike to our new Leaf-Spring Suspension with our Retrofit Kit. This strong new 7075 Aluminum landing gear also folds for storage and travel.
Click here to view the Maverick Leaf Spring Suspension - Retrofit Kit.

Electric Start for Kawasaki 440 engine · North Wing Maverick 2 ultralight trike
Electric Start convenience with new trike orders
Electric Start for Kawasaki 440 engine$980.00Order Code: UPG6

Make in-flight starts even easier with the convenient Electric Start option for the Kawasaki 440 engine.

Electric Start for Kawasaki 440 engine · North Wing Maverick 2 ultralight trike
Proven and affordable engine monitoring with new trike orders
Engine Information System$620.00Order Code: UPG49M

Monitor essential engine functions and more with the Engine Information System.

Airspeed Indicator · North Wing Maverick 2 ultralight trike
Monitor airspeed for safety with new trike orders
Airspeed Indicator · 0 - 80mph$225.00Order Code: UPG38

Add the optional Airspeed Indicator to stay aware of flight speeds during take-off, cruise, and landings for added safety and fuel economy.

BRS 800 Rocket Parachute for the North Wing Maverick 2 ultralight trike
Add rocket parachute safety to your flights
BRS 800 Rocket Parachute$3,575.00Order Code: BRS800

•  Rocket ensures fast, clean deployment
•  Mounts to rear of trike.

Streamlined Wheel Fairings for the North Wing Maverick 2 ultralight trike
Reduce drag even more with
Streamlined Wheel Fairings$390.00Order Code: UPG43

Reduce drag and enhance fuel economy even more with the Streamlined Wheel Fairings for the Maverick 2 RT Trike.  Available in red, yellow, black, white.  Custom colors available upon request.

Turf Tires with Aluminum Rims for the North Wing Maverick 2 RT ultralight trike
Rugged wheels with great traction for the outback
6" Turf Tires with Aluminum Rims$160.00Order Code: UPG54-6A

Turf Tires for the Maverick 2 RT trike are especially helpful when landing on grass or other surfaces during flights in the outback.  Aluminum rims add strength and are lightweight. Carlisle 600x6x15 tires.
Click here to view an enlargement of the Turf Tire photo.
Wing Tip Position Strobe Lights
Add Strobe Lights to your wing tips - with new trike orders
Wing Tip Position Strobe Lights$694.00Order Code: UPG37

Improve your visibility among traffic during early morning and evening flights for added safety!  Consider this important safety option when you order a new trike.
Single Strobe Light for your North Wing Maverick 2 RT ultralight trike
Add a single Strobe Light to your trike - with new trike orders
Single Smart Strobe (installed)$223.00Order Code: UPG35

Improve your visibility among traffic during early morning and evening flights for added safety!  Consider this important safety option when you order a new trike.

MaxGrips - vertical basetube grips for Trike Wings
MaxGrips - vertical basetube grips for Trike WingsClick here to buy this item at$49.00    
These vertical base tube grips give you a more natural hand position while flying your trike to reduce hand strain.  Also, the grips give you ultimate control when the condition get a little active, especially while landing.  They are quick to install on your base tube to your desired position.
Click here or Click Photo to view an enlargement

North Wing · Wing Cover Trike Wing Cover

Click here to buy this item at

Protect your trike wing from snow, rain, dust and especially UV when it is set-up with the North Wing Wing Cover.

Order Code: HAC14
(please specify wing name)

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