Sport X2 Apache · Light Sport Aircraft

Sport X2 Apache with Mustang K15 Wing and 65HP Rotax 582E engine  starting at  $50500.00
Upgrade the Mustang K15 Wing to the double-surface Quest GT6 14.4M wing for an additional    $1440.00

The Sport X2 Apache · Light Sport Trike airframe is a revolutionary design incorporating sport aircraft design suspension, welded 4130 aircraft steel main structure (Back Frame), 4130 dual mast and trailing link front steering.  Unlike the tube-and-plate constructed trikes with their single mast, drag struts, side support cables and bungee cord suspension, the Sport X2 airframe will maintain its structural integrity for years to come.  You can enjoy years of sturdy and confident flying knowing your trikes' rugged and well-designed suspension won't get worn out.

The Sport X2 Apache can be ordered with a variety of options.  The Sport X2 is certified as a Special Light Sport Aircraft when paired with the powerful and reliable Rotax 582 engine and the Mustang K15 light sport aircraft wing.  You can also fly the Sport X2 as a Experimental Light Sport Aircraft when using any other engine and/or wing configuration.  The Sport X2 Apache provides a nice layout of gauges with room left over for your custom needs.  Here you also see the rugged yet keen design of the Apache front fork wheel system.  You will appreciate the solid yet responsive feel of its trailing link suspension.  The front suspension works so well, it survived a full front wheel landing at 60 mph!

The Sport X2 Apache wins the Sun n' Fun 2009 "Outstanding Weight Shift Light Sport Aircraft Award"
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Built in the USA, our Light Sport Aircraft are known for rugged aircraft-quality hardware throughout the frame and wing.  Our use of AIRCRAFT GRADE Matco Brakes and Grove Aircraft Landing Gear ensure you have the best components for stable and strong take-offs and landings.  Compare this to others, before you buy.

Triple-Clamp Front Fork   Standard Equipment on all North Wing light sport aircraft
New Front Suspension is very rugged, with improved Steering, Tracking, and includes top-of-the-line SCOTTS Steering Stabilizer.
Click here to view an enlargement - NEW Triple-Clamp Front Fork for North Wing light sport aircraftClick here to view an enlargement - NEW Triple-Clamp Front Fork for North Wing light sport aircraftClick here to view an enlargement - NEW Triple-Clamp Front Fork for North Wing light sport aircraft

The following Standard Features are included in the base price of the Sport X2 Apache:

  Sport X2 Apache · Standard Features Sport X2 Apache  
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» 65HP Rotax 582E Engine with Electric Start
» Streamlined Fairing & Wheel Fairings
» EIS Digital, Airspeed Gauge, Fuel Gauge
» Front Steering includes Steering Stabilizer
» 3-blade, 72" Warp Drive Propeller
» Aircraft-grade Matco Rear Disc Brakes
» Rear Seat Magneto Switches
» Rear Seat Steering & Throttle
» Saddle Side Bags for Storage
» Spring-assist Mast · easy to raise wing
» Large 13.5 gallon Fuel Tank
» New Tall Windshield for cruising comfort
» Comfortable, secure seating features
» Custom-designed electrical Fuse & Relay Box
» Strong and durable Back Frame
» Electric Start & Remote Choke
» Strobe Light adds visibility for safety
» Aluminum Leaf Spring Rear Suspension

North Wing · Sport X2 Apache SLSA Trike
Sport X2 (Rotax 582E engine) · Performance & Specifications
(Specifications in Feet, Inches, Pounds unless stated)
Speed references on flex wings are +/- 10%
  SPORT X2 (582) SPORT X2 (582)
PERFORMANCE Mustang K15 Wing GT5 Wing
Take-Off Distance / clear 50 feet 550 700
Landing Distance / clear 50 feet 750 800
Climb Rate @ Gross 600 550
Stall Speed @ Gross 34 41
Stall Speed @ 750 lbs. 30 38
Cruise @ Gross 47 60
Descent Rate@ Gross / Idle 600 fpm @ 44 700 fpm @ 58
Fuel Capacity Note b 16.25 16.25
Fuel Burn @ Cruise (Gross) 4 4.75
Range @ Cruise (Gross) 180 195
DESIGN LOADS Mustang K15 Wing GT5 Wing
Gross Weight or MTOW 1060 1060
Empty Weight 450 455
Maximum Empty Weight 550 555
Total Crew Weight @ full fuel 440 435
Minimum Take-Off Weight 700 750
DIMENSIONS Mustang K15 Wing GT5 Wing
Wing Span (feet) 31.5 31.5
Wing Area (meters) 15 13.5
Wing Weight 113 118
Height - wing level (feet) 8.5 8.5
Wheel Base C to C 73 73
Wheel Track 68 68

North Wing · Sport X2 Apache · Light Sport Aircraft
Sport X2 Apache  S-LSA
Rotax 582E engine
Dual Ignition / Dual Carb
65 HP / 3.47:1
Electric Starter
17 gallon Fuel Tank
3-blade, 72" Warp Drive Propeller
EIS Digital Gauge

Standard wing - Special Light Sport Aircraft:  Mustang K15 strutted wing   ·   larger sizes available for E-LSA

The Sport X2 Apache's Mustang Wing folds back while still mounted to the aircraft, for your convenience.

This is a great feature for wind-protection between flights, and saves space when in the hangar and during trailer transport.
The Mustang 3 Wing folds back while still mounted to the aircraft, convenient for travel and storage

North Wing · Sport X2 Apache light sport aircraft
North Wing Quest GT6 · Light Sport Aircraft Wing
Double-surface high performance wing with new trike orders
Quest GT6 · Light Sport Aircraft Wing$1440.00Order Code: UPG41Q

Upgrade the standard single-surface Mustang K15 wing to the double-surface Quest GT6!  The Quest GT6 is a highly refined, strutted wing capable of a 45 mph range of speed from stall to top speed.  One of the most impressive achievements in the Quest GT6 is the light handling both in pitch and roll.  Click here to view more information about the Quest GT6 Wing - for advanced 2-place flying, perfect!

Aerolux 3-blade Propellor - upgrade from Warp Drive
Upgrade your propeller from Warp Drive - with new trike orders
Aerolux 3-blade Propeller$465.00  (Upgrade Price)Order Code: UPG27

•  Runs 300 to 500 rpms lower at cruise
•  Results in 5% to 10% better fuel economy.
•  Blades have longer and wider metal leading-edge protection.

Click Here or Click Photo to view an enlargement

Click here for enlargement - Finned Wheel Fairings
low drag with directional stability with new trike orders
Finned Wheel Fairings$350.00Order Code: UPG43AF

The Finned Wheel Fairings option for the Sport X2 Apache provides low-drag wheel enclosure with added tracking stability from the finned fairings.  Upgrade the standard Wheel Fairings to Finned Wheel Fairings when ordering your new Sport X2 Apache.  Available in red, yellow, black, white.
Custom colors available upon request.
Click Here or Click Photo to view an enlargement

Wing Tip Position Strobe Lights
Add Strobe Lights to your wing tips - with new trike orders
Wing Tip Position Strobe Lights$694.00Order Code: UPG37

Improve your visibility among traffic during early morning and evening flights for added safety!  Consider this important safety option when you order a new light sport aircraft.

BRS 1050 Rocket Parachute
Add rocket parachute safety to your flights
BRS 1050 Rocket ParachuteOrder Code: BRS1050C$7,325.00

•  Rocket ensures fast, clean deployment
•  Mounts to rear of trike.

Click Here or Click Photo to view an enlargement

Tall Windshield for North Wing Apache light sport aircraft fairings
Enjoy efficient wind deflection and flight comfort with the new
Tall Windshield for Apache fairings$181.00Order Code: FH344ST

The Tall Windshield for Apache Fairings is a great addition during XC flights or anytime you want the comfort behind this aerodynamic, tall windshield.  For any Apache light sport aircraft fairing.
Standard Equipment on new Apache light sport aircraft.
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Instructor Bars for North Wing Light Sport Aircraft
Instructor Bars (Quick-Attach) for Wing$365.00
Click here to buy this item at
•  Easy to quickly attach or remove Instructor Bars from wing!
•  NEW streamlined design requires NO DISASSEMBLY and NO TOOLS.
•  For light sport aircraft professional training.

Click Here to view a brief Video showing the new Quick-Attach features.
Click Here to view more photos.
for aerofoil uprights:  Order Code: C411C4AF

MaxGrips - vertical basetube grips for Trike Wings
MaxGrips - vertical basetube grips for Trike WingsClick here to buy this item at$64.00    
These vertical base tube grips give you a more natural hand position while flying your trike to reduce hand strain.  Also, the grips give you ultimate control when the condition get a little active, especially while landing.  They are quick to install on your base tube to your desired position.
Click here or Click Photo to view enlargement    Order Code: HT7003

North Wing · MicroAvionics UL-200 Integral Headset Helmet System MicroAvionics UL-200
Integral Headset Helmet System

Click here to buy this item at

Maximum performance for open cockpit. Highly recommended for the touring pilot. Including ANR (Active noise reduction) and VOX. Built using a high specification low power audio amplifier, using surface mount technology, with an electronic speech processor to remove unwanted noise. Exceptionally quiet headset, great for long flights.

$860.00   Order Code: MM001C

North Wing · Lightweight Lithium Battery Upgrade for North Wing Trikes Lightweight Lithium Battery Upgrade

Upgrade your battery to the EarthX lithium battery.  Click here to view specifications.
Save an average of 10 lbs less than lead-acid battery!  - FOR NEW TRIKE ORDERS -

- Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
- Built-in Battery Management System
- High-cranking, powerful, starter or backup battery
- Wide operating temperature range
- Up to 2-3X longer life than Lead-Acid Battery

Order Code: UPGEX12

North Wing · EarthX lightweight Lithium Battery for North Wing Trikes EarthX lightweight Lithium Battery

Replace your battery with the EarthX lithium battery.  Save an average of 10 lbs less than lead-acid battery!

Click here to buy this item at

This new battery can be used on North Wing Scout XC, Sport X2, and Maverick trikes.   Also can be used on any light sport aircraft using these specifications.  Click here to view specifications.

Order Code: BETX680

North Wing Apache Cover Cover for Apache Light Sport Aircraft

Protect your Apache light sport aircraft with fairing from snow, rain, dust and UV with the North Wing Apache Cover.

Order Code: HAJ346

North Wing · Wing Cover Trike Wing Cover

Click here to buy this item at

Protect your trike wing from snow, rain, dust and especially UV when it is set-up with the North Wing Wing Cover.

Order Code: HAC14
(please specify wing name)

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